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Word  Entropy comes from Ancient Greek and means turning towards, transformation. Entropy is a measure of ordering of any system elements. Education tidies mind and thoughts, develops operability, promotes personal growth and expand personal horizons.

Over time, any system left without management and control tends to chaos. Similarly happens with the knowledge - by time passing it becomes forgotten and disappears, unless the person is not applying energy, strength and work to keep them.


Entropy is company where ideas meet active actions and create reflection in modern society. We save knowledge and share it, because we understand that:

  • by trying to solve a given task unsuccessfully, person falls into a dead end. In turn, by studying the given solution, it is possible draw the right conclusions and to acquire new knowledge;
  • time is the most valuable resource in the world. Assignments often require a completely mechanical work, but in everyday life there is not enough time for it;
  • if basic knowledge was obtained many years ago, it is difficult to continue  studies now and cope with all without help;
  • every man can be a great expert in many areas, but there are some spheres person is not good at and it is OK.




Entropy offers its solutions of various typical tasks at school and university level, as well as statistical data processing for different purposes (e.g., for research). 

The finished form solutions could be bought online on plaukts.entropy.lv, but personalized original solutions could be ordered on entropy.lv . 

We have professionals who are competent in the following categories of tasks:


  • physics;
  • mathematics;
  • chemistry;
  • biology;
  • economics;
  • accounting;
  • computer science (computer science, programming (vba, pascal, java, etc.));
  • Matlab;
  • Statistics - Excel, Minitab, SPSS;
  • logics;
  • drawing in AutoCAD; 
  • Electrical Engineering.


Detailed step-by-step solutions are attached to every task.



Start of the company dates back to 2013 year, when it was created by engineers of physical technologies in order to promote the exact and natural sciences. During this time the company has grown and consolidated specialists from many fields.

Ksenija Huseva, founder, chief coordinator

„I am proud of the speed of service and high quality, as well as the fact that we can offer timely reports about the work done and progress, pleasant communication and reliable payments.

I am very pleased that the company performs useful work for society!”

Andrejs Husevs, founder, chief  IT manager

„The company was created from scratch with a clean slate. I still remember how many positive transformations survived enterprise, inspired primarily by people around us, our customers, who shared their experiences and desires.

We still do not stand still - relentlessly moving forward to order and development - this is our motto. It is nice to know that our work makes life easier and less stressful to many people!"

We are in favor of ordered mind, work and lifestyle!

Entropy. Desire for order.