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Delivery Information

Delivery of Services of the Portal and Terms of Repayment

The only lawful way of acquiring the study papers available in the Portal is to receive them as downloadable materials at personal profile in the Portal after completing a corresponding payment in accordance with the prices given at the moment of purchase.

Services of the Portal are provided online immediately after performing a corresponding payment. For this reason cancellation of the transaction is not possible after carrying out the payment and Company shall not pay back the sums received from Clients for services of the Portal, except for the cases and procedures established in the present Section.

In order to provide high quality services Company shall maintain a Client Service. If the Client has received services from the Portal incompletely or he/she has paid for the services of the Portal but not received them, the latter may inform Company or the Client Service provided in the Portal accordingly and representatives of Company shall review each individual application during business hours (week days from 9:00 – 18:00) and they shall endeavour to supply the particular service to the Client. In case this is not possible, Client Service of the Portal shall provide the Client with an opportunity to acquire alternative services of the Portal for the collected sum at no additional cost upon the discretion of the Client Service.

In case the Client has paid for the services of the Portal and an error is established in the systems developed by Company thus resulting in collecting a larger payment sum for the services from Company than was due to the latter at the particular moment, the Client can deliver a written application to Company within 5 (five) business days from the moment of purchase. In such a case, after ascertaining the conditions, Company shall return the incorrectly deducted sum of money to the Client. If any other party involved in the payment process is accountable for the occurrence, for example, a bank, payment card processing centre and/or software of international payment card organizations, Company shall assist the Client within limits to retain the incorrectly deducted sum of money; and if Company receives the incorrectly deducted sum of money from the party held responsible, Company shall disburse it back to the Client.