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1. Is it possible to choose another payment method, which is not mentioned on this website?

Yes, we try to be accessible to each client. For other preferred payment capability, please contact us individually by writing to info@entropy.lv.

2. I have found necessary work, but I need only few tasks, not full work. Is it possible to purchase work partly?

It is possible. Please, to purchase the interest part of the work, write to info@entropy.lv and indicate the code of work (for example, 65STAT) as well as the necessary tasks. We will answer you and send pre-invoice for the part. After your payment is made you will receive files with solutions on your e-mail.

3. How and when I will receive solutions?

After making payment files are available for downloading in the user's personal profile: My Account à Downloads.

4. I have problems with receiving solutions, what should I do?

In case of any problems please contact us individually by writing to info@entropy.lv. If payment has been successfully made, please send the proof of payment in any format.

5. Is it possible to personalize received solution?

Personalization of solution is possible for an extra charge. It is possible to create a solution with a unique design and steps, different comments, etc.

6. How detailed are the solutions proposed?

We offer very detailed step-by-step solutions with comments and calculations. This is intended to permit the client to understand the solution and pass through it in steps.

7. Is it possible to solve other tasks, which are not placed on this website?

Yes, it is. In this case please contact our head branch Entropy Ltd. (www.entropy.lv) and send your own work and raw data.

8. How quickly can get an answer, writing to Entropy email?

On average manager answers in 2 hours. Higher delay is possible at the high-load sessions and exam time, but usually this time is shorter.

9. Why some images are blurred?

Blurred images are task solutions in preview mode. Website database is large, for some works these images have already been added, others will appear in the near future.